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"Mastery" level of Patterns for Renewing Your Mind involves many hours of study, practice, and application both in and out of the training experience.  Since we put a premium value on competency, practical knowledge, and ability to apply to self and others, certification depends not only upon attendance and involvement at the training, but demonstration of practice.  Upon satisfactory completion of the training, a participant will be eligible for Certification by Patterns for Renewing Your Mind International, Inc.

The participant will discover the real value in learning the Patterns Model for creating change and for making one available for immense freedom in walking in the Spirit of God.

Course Content by Sections:

Emotional Mastery (3-Days)

Synopsis of Emotional Mastery:

Section 1

1) Introducing Meta-States as a Model of Reflexivity in states of consciousness

Introduction to using and working with meta-cognitive abilities, how to recognize and monitor our own self-reflexive awareness, to step out of the muddles and closed-ended loops.

2) Meta-Stating Learning: Accessing the experience of Accelerated Learning

Introduction to how we can learn about our learning in order to create a mental-emotional state of accelerated learning. This enables us to re-label and reframe our inattentiveness and to learn how to learn best using our strengths.

3) Meta-Stating our Concept of "Self:" Self-Acceptance, Appreciation and Awe (Esteem)

The Neuro-Semantic approach to self-esteeming involves accessing the resources states of acceptance, appreciation, and esteem and applying these to our self. This provides a very quick route to cut out self-contempting, self-depreciating, etc. It distinguishes between self-esteem as a human being and self-confidence as a human doing.

4) Meta-Stating "Thought" with "Confirmation" to Generate the Gestalt of "Belief."

The Meta-Yes-ing Belief Change Pattern

In Neuro-Semantics we distinguish a mere "thought" from a "belief" in terms of logical levels. We can "think" and even fully "understand" lots of things that we don't believe. When we believe, we move up a level and confirm or validated the thoughts in some way. By so validating a thought, we say "Yes" to it. When we say "No" to it, we dis-validate it and reduce it from a belief to a mere thought. Since limiting beliefs get in the way and define therapeutic dysfunction, the ability to quickly and even conversationally transform beliefs gives a therapist a very powerful therapeutic intervention.

5) Dragon Slaying & Taming: Meta-Stating Morbid States:

The power of meta-stating not only creates our highest and most profound states, but misused can create layers of negative thoughts and feelings about our states. To the extent that we turn our psychic energies against ourselves, we put ourselves at odds with ourselves and create Dragon States. Neuro-Semantics enables us to slay, tame, and transform such dragons.

Section 2

1) Meta-Stating Concepts: The Neuro-Semantics of Human States

As a model about the structure of meaning at multiple levels, Neuro-Semantics distinguishes associative meanings (Stimulus-Response meanings) and contextual or frame meanings. Since we frequently suffer from having a "poor relationship" to some concept which can undermine our personal mastery, we will want to be able to work more efficiently with conceptual states.

2) Meta-Stating Using the "As If" Frame: Meta-Stating the Concept of a "Miracle"

Utilizing Brief Psychotherapy's "The Miracle Question," we use a meta-stating process to spatially anchor "possibility thinking" in a chair to give ourselves a chance to step aside from "the kind of thinking that created the problem" and to think "outside of the box."

3) Mind-to-Muscle Pattern

Concepts and high level principles can be turned into "muscle memory" as we recognize when our fingers "know" a keyboard, and the function keys on a computer keyboard, or when our body knows how to drive. To take great ideas and to put them into neurology transforms and empowers us so we can effectively handle the challenges of everyday life.

4) Meta-Stating Pleasure: Meta-Pleasuring - Gestalting Happiness

Pleasure at the primary level of experience essentially involves stimulating the nervous system and all of the sense receptors. Yet there are higher level pleasures, the meanings and values that we endow things with. Discovering our strategy for pleasuring puts this dynamic into our hands so that we can take charge of it, rather than living as a passive victim who demands that others and things "make" us happy. This also details the structure of addictions and in De-Pleasuring, we can undo the semantic damage that occurs when we over-load an event with too much meaning.

Section 3

1) Meta-Stating Intentionality: Taking an Intentional Stance with Our Highest Objectives

In "consciousness" we have both attentions and intentions. By strengthening our highest intentional meanings, we can begin to live more purposefully as we access and use the higher levels of our mind to direct our everyday attentions. The Aim Game.

2) Meta-Stating Committed Focus: Accessing Emotional Mastery

A pattern for accessing, strengthening, and containing a focus state of "flow." This pattern will assist you in become agile at mpeccable state shifting, at focusing, at self-trusting, at commitment, and the ability to get lost in the moment (intense focus).

3) Meta-Stating Congruence: Meta-Alignment and Integration

A pattern for ending incongruence and internal conflict that would undermine personal efficacy and power. This pattern clears up such incongruence by aligning everyday activities and behaviors with one's highest values, purposes, and beliefs. Great for anyone who wants more mastery and congruence in the way he or she works, plays, or moves through the world.

4) Meta-Stating Integrity Beyond Language, or "Spinning Icons.

A second pattern for alignment and congruency. Designed to create a higher level for congruency without needing to put the solution into words.

You can take just the Accessing Your Spiritually Empowered Emotionally Mastery - Online -  (2 full days worth of materials) - $295.00

Emotional Mastery Patterns - Inserted throughout the remainder of the Master Practitioner Training will be advanced Meta-Stating Patterns from the "Emotional Mastery" Training. These patterns will be used for the purpose of installing new learnings received during the training.  Some of these key patterns with the Meta-Program that they address are:

  1. Optimism: Meta-program (MP) # 7 Scenario Thinking style
  2. Pro-activity: MP # 16 Somatic response Style
  3. Responsibility To/For: MP #27 Responsibility Sort
  4. Resilience: MP # 49 Ego-Strength
  5. Uninsultability: MP # 49 Ego-Strength
  6. Emboldening Risk Taking:  MP # 43 Self-confidence sort
  7. Super Charging your Attitude:  MP #43 Self-confidence sort
  8. Living with Passion:   MP # 19 Emotional Intensity Exuberance Sort
  9. Framing Emotions for Emotional Vitality:  MP # 19 Emotional Intensity Exuberance Sort
  10. Appreciation: MP # 25 Goal Sort - adapting to Expectations.

Advanced Meta Programs - Mastery of Meta-Programs or perceptual filters - how we know what and where to place our attention.  You will discover how to elicit, detect, and identify Meta-Programs and then use them for "reading" or figuring out people. This section is based on our book Figuring Out People.

In this training we will not be focusing what people "are" but "how" they function. By understanding "how" people function, this work teaches you how to change your behavior so you can communicate more effectively.

Meta-Programs is a meta-domain of NLP which addresses human perceptual filters. Recognizing and matching how a person processes information, what he or she sorts for, enables us to more effectively communicate, relate, motivate, etc.

Meta-Programs arise from meta-states. We now know that these sorting distinctions arise as meta-states coalesce from mind into body. Meta-Programs then are former meta-states that have moved from mind into muscle to become our perceptual frames, the very way we “see” the world gives us one way to think about the structure of personality, that is, how we behavior.

Figuring Out People is an entire book on Meta-Programs. Here you have at your finger tips the most exhaustive and cutting-edge work in the field of the NLP Meta-Programs. It is like an encyclopedia of 51 of the key ways that we sort information. This is an essential tool for anyone who works with people, wants to diagnose how a person is functioning, etc.

Discover How - 

You can take just the Meta-Program  (2.5 full days worth of materials)  online (Investment to be announced).

Mind Line Patterns (2.5-Days) - Mastery of conversational reframing.  Formerly called "Sleight of Mouth" patterns.  The Mind-Lines model arose as a re-formatting of the old model by applying logical or meta-levels to the restructuring of meaning, or reframing.  Using the book Mind-Lines: Lines for Changing Minds you will discover the structure of selling, persuasion, and influence.

This section of the Master Practitioner Training will introduce you to the state-of-the-art skills in languaging for persuasion as it introduces you to a Model for how to think about the meanings that you and others give to things and how to transform those meanings conversationally.

Objections don't stand a chance in the face of Mind-Lines. Nor do Complaints, Excuses, or other Non-sense that prevents you and others from becoming more resourceful and effective in life.

Consider then becoming a Word Wizard as you journey into the domain of Meaning Construction and Transformation using the Mind-Lines Model

Become a Perception Changer!

You undoubtedly already know that the ideas people hold about you, your products, and your services determine how they will respond to you, do you not? And, of course, that will determine whether you will keep them as your customers or not. Customer perceptions totally governs what they think and feel about what you and your offerings.

So -

The Mind-Lines Model

As Lines For Changing Minds, Mind-Lines explores the very structure of communication excellence and meaning-making. By it you will receive training in how to become a Linguistic Master regarding how you and others create meanings and what you can do about limiting and un-enhancing meanings that get in your way.

Training in Mind-Lines will also empower you in how you set frames with people in your everyday conversations so that you can effectively respond to objections, excuses, and misunderstandings. You will discover how to do Conversational Reframing with confidence, grace, and power.

What Will You Get Via the Mind-Lines Training?

Mind-Lines -- the Verbal Expressions of Meta-Stating

To become a Word Wizard, you only need to learn how to meta-state. Mind-lining, in fact, or conversational reframing simply expresses the  powerful language of higher mental states.

Training in Mind-Lines is based upon the best seller, Mind-Lines: Lines that Change Minds by Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer (1997-2005). As the book sold out in the first nine months, Drs. Hall and Bodenhamer along with others continue the research and exploration of this area adding new chapters and applications. Accordingly, the Mind-Lines Training Manual which comes with this course provides additional materials not found (yet) in the book.

You can take just the Mind-Lines 2.5 -Day Online training (Investment to be announced).  (2.5 full days worth of materials)

Presuppositions - These language patterns will provide the Master Practitioner in mastery as to directionalizing the other person's mind to at least consider what the Master Practitioner wants them to consider. You will be provided with an extensive training manual just for this section. You will read about Presuppositions in Chapters 21 and 22 in The User's Manual Volume II.

Not only can an NLP Master Practitioner run his/her own brain, but the Master Practitioner can also run the brain of others. Of course, running other’s conscience thoughts inherently has its own limitations as no one cannot force another person to violate high level values, beliefs, principles, etc.  However, we can directionalize perception towards an outcome. It doesn’t guarantee that the person will accept the outcome once we have them where we want them, but it sure is helpful to at least get the person’s brain to consider our wishes and that is what this section is all about. Yes, that is right.  You can directionalize a person’s perception by just talking to them. You do it all the time. We just wish to teach you how to do it with expertise.

Because a person cannot not process what you say to them and how you say what you say will to a great extent determine how they map out what you say.  Therefore, the Master Practitioner will speak with his/her outcome in mind that will lead the other person to create images and word meanings in his/her mind that will direct that person’s perception toward your desired outcome for the conversation.

How do we do that? How do we directionalize a person’s perception eloquently?  We do it with skillful use of the middle word of NLP - with the skillful use of language. And, we directionalize thought to a great deal with presuppositional language.   Now, I do not mean that you throw out the Meta-Model, Sleight of Mouth Patterns and Hypnotic Language patterns in utilizing presuppositional languaging. No, we use all of them.

Indeed, in my (BB) opinion, presuppositional language patterns are nothing more than a skillful use of hypnotic language patterns. You will remember Presuppositions as being one of the Meta-Model distortion patterns. And, you will remember that when we utilize the inverse of the Meta-Model patterns (That is we use the Meta-Model violations in our language.) we are in actuality utilizing Milton Model hypnotic language patterns.  Due to the vagueness of the violations, the person must go inside to put meaning to the words and in going inside they go into trance.  In this section on Presuppositional Language, we propose to chunk down on presuppositions and give some specific types of presuppositions for sending the other person's brain where we want them to go.

In this section, we will study the following Presuppositions:

  1. Existence

  2. Awareness

  3. Possibility and Necessity

  4. Temporal

  5. Ordinal

  6. Exclusive/Inclusive Or

  7. Relationship Operators

  8. Cause-Effect

  9. Complex Equivalence

You can take the online Presupposition training (Investment to be announced). - (2- full days worth of materials)

Modeling - Mastery of the use of strategies in order to build models for pieces of excellence.  An introduction to modeling, the process of modeling, the factors and components involved, the kinds of states needed for effective modeling, a much closer look at the NLP Strategy Model and how Meta-Levels both simplify and empower strategies.

Time-Lines & Trance -  Mastery of the Time-Lines Model in NLP, and the advanced developments in Neuro-Semantics in Time-Lining.

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Individual Modules (No prerequisite required)

I.                    Emotional Mastery.  2-days,  (Investment to be announced). (Book: Secrets of Personal Mastery)

II.                  Advanced Meta Programs. 2.5-days, (Investment to be announced). (Book: Figuring Out People)

III.                Mind-Line Patterns. 2.5-days (Investment to be announced). (Book: Mind-Lines)

IV.                Presuppositional Language - Used Hypnotically. 2-days (Investment to be announced). (Book: Chapters 21 & 22 in The User’s Manual for the Brain, Vol. 2)

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The User's Manual for the Brain, Volume II

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Mind-Lines: Lines for Changing Minds

Figuring Out People

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